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It is winter. Crystal butterflies flying through the sky darkened.
Criva Santa arrived on our land with her daughter. Her children formed a silver robe.
Small bell petals weave clothes tree with silver threads.
Sun pale gray clouds provided.
Very small breasts copliaşi is slippery hill. Fluffy snow crunches under their feet.
With the coming of this great season is approaching and the following holidays: Neculai Santa, Santa – Holy infant birth and transition to the new year.
Children enjoy the season that opens the hearts of the people in another year u better.

Compunere trimisa de Iuliana.

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Engleza The deer – Caprioara03.27.10

It was summer and  was a sunny day.The birds sang.
I went to the forest.I love the forests.I walked in the forest and I picked up some flowers.They looked nice.
When I stopped to a river I saw a was beautiful!It had  brown eyes,long ears,small nose,short tail.
It was scared of me.I went next to it.I said:
-Don’t be afraid!
At that moment i had got an idea.I looked in my bag and i took out a sandwich.I gave the sandwich to the deer.It ate quickly but i could took a photo with the deer.Than it ran fast.
That day was so beautiful.


Compunere trimisa de Cristina.

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Compunere engleza my family03.25.10


What Family Is To Me

Since birth, I have grown up with a different concept of family than most people do.  Instead of being born into my biological family, I was adopted into my given family.  I have known I was adopted, for as long as I can remember because my parents made sure to tell me so, at the earliest age that I could understand.  By adopting me and my sister into the family, my parents showed that family means love, respect and sacrifice.  My adoption gave me a family to belong to and be loved by. Love is the first part in any family.  I can be defined in more ways than one.

Family love is the strongest type because it is unconditional.  This unconditional love means that no matter what happens my family will still love me.  They have shown this love for twenty years now.  And after all the things I have done wrong, or done badly, my family still shows this unconditional love to me and to each other. The second part in a family is respect and trust.  Trust is something that can take years to build, but can be broken very easily.  By breaking trust with a family member one is also breaking respect of the family.  The two ideas go hand in hand.  My parents respected me enough to tell me that I was adopted, instead of  lying to me and having me find out later in life that I wasn’t their biological son.  This respect that my parents gave me, in turn gave me their trust.  And I gave them the respect and trust that was given to me.

Without sacrifice, a family cannot be.  The sacrifices that family members make for each other show the willingness to be an unselfish part of a family.  Sacrifices also display the love, respect and trust in a family.  I know that even though some of the time it may not seem that my parents would sacrifice anything for me, I realize that they would do anything for and everything for me and that I would do the same for them.  At times it’s the smallest sacrifices that make the biggest difference in a family.

Families do not have to be biological.  Here in Altoona, I have a chosen family o friends who I consider to be just as close as a family.  Among my chosen family, one can find love, respect and trust, and sacrifice for one another.  As a chosen family we still work the same way that a given family does, by having a sense of belonging and a sense of love toward each other.

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Compunere engleza Craciun03.25.10


The year’s most celebrated holiday is celebrated on December 25th, both in homes and churches worldwide. The meaning for Christmas is to recognize Christ’s birth, of which the exact date is not known. During the fourth century the Bishop of Rome set December 25th as Christ’s birth date. Some authorities claim that the choice of December 25th was made because it coincided with Chanukah, Mithraic’s feast of the sun god, and the people of northern Europe’s winter solstice feast. The winter solstice is the time of year in the Northern Hemisphere when the noon sun appears to be farthest south. (All About American Holidays, 1962 Encyclopedia Encarta, 1998) The Saturnalia was celebrated for seven days, during the period of time when the winter solstice occurred. During this, slaves were given freedom, gifts were exchanged, and banquets and happiness prevailed. (Encarta 98 Encyclopedia, 1998) Holiday Greenery Evergreens, the symbol of eternal life, have long been used for Christmas time decorations. The Christmas wreath represents everlasting life and God’s endless love for us. Kissing under a mistletoe supposedly started out when early Roman enemies stopped fighting when they met under a mistletoe. Holly is the most known Christmas greenery, and there are several legends about it, one is that Jesus’ crown was made of holly, and the holly berries represented his blood. (All About American Holidays, 1962) The Christmas tree: The Christmas tree is an evergreen trimmed with lights, decorations, and tinsel, is derived from a “paradise tree”, or the tree in the Garden of Eden. (Encarta 98 Encyclopedia, 1998) The use of the Christmas tree began early in the 17th century, in Strasbourg, France, spreading from there through Germany and then into northern Europe. In 1841 Prince Albert introduced the Christmas tree to Great Britain, where from there immigrants brought it to the United States. (Encarta 98 Encyclopedia, 1998) Santa Claus The beginning of gift giving during Christmas started from the three wise men, with their three gifts for the Christ child. Since then people have made up different things to tell their children where their Christmas presents came from. The historical Saint Nicholas was known in early Christian legends for saving storm-tossed sailors, standing up for children, and giving gifts to the poor. Although many of his stories can’t be proven true, his legend spread throughout Europe, and he was soon know for his extreme generosity and gift giving. Many stories include him riding through the sky on a horse and wearing his red bishop’s cloak, sometimes accompanied by Black Peter, an elf whose job was to whip the bad children. His most known legend is when he would walk through the streets in his bishop clothes, carrying a sack full of presents, and leaving a gift on the windowsills of children’s houses. (All About American Holiday’s, 1962 Compton’s Encyclopedia, 1994) >From the different parts of the world, there are different names, but the spirit of Christmas remains the same. Spanish children call their Santa Balthasar, children in Italy have a female Santa named La Belfana, Denmark has a gnome named Jule-Nissen, Holland has Sinter Klaas, Germany has Sanct Herr, and there are even some places that believe the Christ child brings their presents. (Encarta 98 Encyclopedia, 1998) The Christmas Feast On Christmas day, the year’s greatest feast was served, people went, and still do, all out. Although now we have different foods, the idea is still the same. The feast was started off with drinks and music, followed by a procession of the food. Once everyone was seated, the food was served and eaten, after dessert, people drank and danced. The banquet lasted hours and was the highlight of the day. Some of the food served was: beef, meat pies, roasted duck, geese, pigs, plumb porridge, fancy cakes, bowls of wassail, and toast. Christmas was a huge celebration filled with lots of eating, drinking, singing, dancing, and gift giving. (All About American Holidays, 1962) Christmas Decorations Centuries ago, Romans decorated their homes, public buildings, and temples on festive occasions, and we have followed this ancient custom. During Christmas time, store windows, malls, streetlights, and parking lot poles are decorated to celebrate this joyous time filled with shopping, gift giving, and happiness. Some popular and well-known Christmas decorations are: New York’s Rockefeller Plaza’s Christmas tree, when set up, the first lighting of the tree signifies the official opening of the Christmas season. Another popular attraction is Christmas Tree Lane, in Fresno, California. People there string lights around the great cedars lining Van Ness Avenue. Homeowners there also set up holiday displays on their lawns and houses. (Encarta 98 Encyclopedia, 1998 All About American Holidays, 1962)

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Compunere engleza my best friend03.25.10

In life one may come across many people.  Some will hate and while others will adore.  The ones who hate can be referred to as enemies and theones who show adoration will be called friends.  People may say the word friends is to broad.  In the opinions of many, there are three types of friends.  They are the aquaintinces he/she makes in school, the friends he/she looses as one grows, and bewt friends who may stray, but never too f ar away.

First of all, there are those friends that are only seen in school.  Seeing them on the street is like they are not even there.  One may have known them throughout their whole school career, but have never talked to them outside of school.  These school aqquaintinces are nice people to talk to , but there is never an effort to do anything more than that.  These friends are good because there are never any chances to take with them.  One just talks to them and then they go on their merry way.  These school aqquaintinces are the peopl who are talked to about different hoobies and class studies.  Not ones personal life.  School aquaitnices are the people that one will not see for the first time until the schools ten year reunion.

Second, there are former friends.  These are the ones taht grew up in ones neighborhood and moved away.  These are the friends who will bring back memories that people thoght were forgotten.  One might be embarassed at first about seeing their former friend, but as soon as conversation begins all the embarassement will be a thing of the past.  Former friends are the ones that little secrets about meaqningless ideas were told to as a child, or the person who spent countlerss nights at ones house sleeping over.  These are the people that knew ones parents very well, almost as well as the friend was known.  Te\hen all of a sudden out of nowhere this former friend is never spoken again to for years.  Former friends give a sense of oldness to a person.  In the long run they are good to have and to talk to.

Finally, there are best friends who are the people that have been known all their lives or even just a few years.  These friends regardless male or female can talk to a friend about anything on their mind.  Many experiences have occured between two best friends or even a group of best friends.  These kinds of friends share a common bnd that will last forever.  Intimate secrets and special favors are all traits in which best friends can rely on each other for.  All these examples are whypeople not only neebest friends, but should want them as well.  These friends are future best men, bridesmaids, godfathers, and godmothers.  They are the brothers and sisters ones parents never had.  They are a  part of oneself, if not all of that oneself.

These friends mold the way of life one is going to live.  Ones traits, beliefs, hobbies, jobs and even personality may come from the types of friends one encounters throughout life.  Choosing friends wisely is a good habit to get into, for there are many bad influences in the world today.  Friends come in many ways, but in the opinion of many the come as aquaintinces in school, the friends people wil lose as they grow older, and best friends who may stray, but never too far away.

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